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Week 10: Why Negotiating is Key to Your Success

Why Negotiating is Key to Your Success

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Key Terms

Negotiate: When it comes to receiving a job offer, negotiating means having a discussion with an employer about the terms of a job offer and how they may be adjusted. This can include salary, benefits, vacation time, start date, and more.

Normalize Negotiating

Do you feel inexperienced when it comes to negotiating? Why? What about the time you had to persuade your kids or partner to do something – oh, was that this morning? Think about all the times you asked for a lower price when buying furniture. What about the pep talk you give yourself every morning so you’re not late for your current job? Negotiating is more common than you think, and it is probably something you do daily. Apply the skills from your everyday life when negotiating a better job offer, whether it’s salary, more time off, or a flexible schedule.

Why Do You Need to Negotiate?

Going through a career change can be an extensive process; however, the moment you finally receive a job offer will feel amazing! You might be so excited that someone is finally giving you a chance that you’re willing to say yes immediately to whatever they propose. But do not accept the initial offer. You must advocate for yourself and try for a better deal. Remember, you’re not new to the workforce; many of your skills are transferable. Your current salary follows you to your next job. That next paycheck truly matters, especially with inflation and the cost of living increasing rapidly.

Approach With Confidence

Negotiating can be intimidating, especially when you look at it as something you don’t do daily. Remember, you just made a negotiation earlier this morning with your family and your cat! You can do it, and hiring managers expect it. It shows that you know your worth. Closed mouths don’t get fed. To get what you want, you have to ask for it. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? The employer says, “No.” For every no,” there is a sea of yeses waiting for you.