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Week 10: How to Negotiate with the Mediator

How to Negotiate with the Mediator

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Type of Negotiator – Mediator

When you negotiate with the Mediator, they may start as an Accommodator. At first, they will give in to your requests. But eventually, they will use a different negotiating tactic which is to get you thinking you are asking for too much. They want you to fill the position. However, they have the company’s best interest in mind. They will change the tone of the negotiation so you stop asking for more

Super Steps – How to Negotiate With the Mediator


The Mediator asks you what you want.

The Mediator is already telling you let s get down to business.” They want to know exactly what you want. Do not be intimated or scared. They are not saying “NO!” They are asking you, what more do you want? Take a big deep breath and get ready to ask.
Once you provide your initial modifications to the offer, the Mediator will agree to most, if not all. Remember, you won t get what you want without asking, so keep asking! This is where you may notice a change in their tone of voice. They think you have asked for enough and will try to get you to back down.


Be prepared, ask for what matters most.

Pull out your list and start with the first thing that they haven t addressed yet. For example, if they haven’t increased your salary offering, ask for that. If they address salary, move on to your next request.


Let them respond.

Do not say anything. Be quiet. Let the time tick away. Let the Mediator to respond. Do not fill the space, do not offer up solutions, just be quiet and accept what they say.


You offer solutions.

If they put a roadblock in your way, you must remove it. If you practiced this, you ll be ready to say something regarding future promotions and receiving bonuses.


Mediator brings negotiation to conclusion.

Brilliant! The Mediator is still asking what is it going to take to get you to accept our offer?” You will know when to stop because the Intimidator shows up!

Hot Tips!

Hot Tip #1

Approach with Nerves of Steel

Whether it’s with your pet, friend, or yourself in the mirror, practice entering your negotiation as confident as you can be. With all your requests, the Mediator might turn into the Intimidator.


My Journal

It’s time to bust out your journal and work on this exercise!

The Mediator will try to give you doubt about your negotiation. Continue being grateful for the offer, as it displays your enthusiasm for it. As you continue asking, they will make you question whether you’re asking for too much. Explain your reasoning behind it and how it will benefit you and the company. Before you go through with this, prepare your negotiation. That way, you can strike with confidence when the actual negotiation comes.

“In case you missed it during Week 2, download this PDF File to your computer and save it in a folder title “Career Changers.” Every week, you can use this PDF file to journal your exercises!”