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Week 9: Stand Out with Your After- Interviewing Skills

Prepare Your Super References

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Super Steps To Building Your Reference List





Determine who
your best references
would be.

This step may seem straightforward, but it’s more complex than you might think. You may already have a list of names you’re considering for references. Choose someone you have successfully collaborated with in the past on a project. It’s even better if the project highlights specific skills related to the job you’re seeking. Your references will be able to endorse your talent, and of course, make sure you have a strong rapport with them.





Ask your potential
references to be a
reference for you.

Getting the Accommodator and Mediator to modify the original offer may have been easy. But now, the Intimidator arrived and wants you to stop making requests.


Send your
references the job
description you are
interviewing for.

Consider sending your reference some notes about your goals for your new company and what you plan to accomplish in your new role. Remind your reference about your specific talents and skill set that make you eligible for this particular job. The more specific you are, the better tailored your recommendation will be. Don’t assume your reference automatically knows what to say. Give them the detailed information they need to relay to your new potential employer for you to nail the job!


Come up with three
strengths and one
weakness that your
references can use.

    This step dives deeper into the previous one (Step 3). Don’t leave your reference in the              dark! Tell them what strengths and one weakness they should relay to the employer, but            take special care to tell them to mention the same weakness. Are you a good marketing              strategist? Fantastic! Ask that your reference attests to your abilities. Do you have a                    specialized skill, such as proficiency in a second language? Ask if your reference can                      endorse your fluency in it. Tell each of your references what one weakness you want them       to mention. If you don’t manage and prepare your references, then they will  make up                   something that might portray you in a way you don’t want. Make sure your references are       prepped on what to say, otherwise you leave your opportunities up to chance.








Ask your references to be your personal private eyes.

   This step will come into play after your first reference speaks with your potential employer. It’s perfectly
   acceptable to have an idea of the questions your potential employer may ask. You can use this knowledge to
   modify your request for your second chosen reference. This way, you’ll know what to tell them, so they come
   prepared and ready to give the best answers when the employer calls.

                            Hot Tips! 




Hot Tip #1

Try to build a good rapport with everyone at your job. You never know who you might endup asking to be your reference!*Keep a list of your potential references’ contact information. This list can be saved in a document on your computer or in an address book. Make sure you include their  job title, work email, and work phone number. This will prove to be a handy database once you begin reaching out. Update the list as needed.

Do's and Dont's

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DO write down specific skills that your reference can easily endorse. It can be easy to forget specifics when you’re in the middle of requesting a reference. Before you meet with your potential reference, jot down some of the skills you’d like for them to attest to during their call. Chances are they’ve already lined up some good things to say. But if you want to showcase specific talents or projects, be sure to alert your reference.



DO try to personalize your thank you note/gift. Doing so will show that you not only value your reference as a colleague. You also
value them as a person and a friend. Are they a film buff? Get them a gift card for the movies. A coffee connoisseur? Buy them
something from their favorite coffee shop. A huge fan of the [insert local sports team name here]? Send them some gear! Your references have taken the time and effort to help you get where you want to be. Show
your appreciation by helping them pursue their interests.

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DON’T just ask your friends to be your references. There are probably some coworkers you’ve really hit it off with and that’s great! But if they can’t speak to your specific skill set and your potential to excel at your new job, then they’re probably not the
top choice for a reference. Reach out to supervisors and team members who are familiar with your work. And who has seen
your skills in action?




DON’T under any circumstances and we mean this pose as your own reference. Doing something like this might be funny on
a sitcom. But we can promise it will not be funny if the hiring team catches you deceiving them. They are not going to risk putting you on the team if they think you’re dishonest. And it won’t look good either if you can’t find anyone but yourself to speak
to your potential.