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Week 6 : Why You Need to Network Online

Why You Need to Network Online

Video Time: 4:46 Minutes     Action Time: 20 Minutes 

Let’s Get Down to Business

Building your network is something to get psyched for. It is vital whether you’re new to the industry or have years of experience. Through networking, you’ll build relationships that will help you succeed in your future career. Don’t stress! We are here to ensure you build a powerful network with as many people as possible.

You Aren’t a Real Person Until They Meet You In-Person

Are you hesitant to send the first message because they might not like you? The odds are that the stranger who works for that incredible company has never thought about you. Why? Because they don’t know you.

For now, you are just a picture of a random person they accepted as a connection. Don’t take it personally if your message is ignored. There may be a multitude of reasons the message wasn’t replied to. For all we know, they could be taking in the sun rays off the coast and will get to your message later. BTW, you will be well liked when you meet people in person.

“Didn’t my parents tell me to avoid talking strangers though?” Yes, when you were small, but LinkedIn is different. LinkedIn is a professional network, not some stranger saying they have puppies in their van. Everyone on the platform is looking to make new connections; that’s its purpose! If you genuinely wish to make a career change, you can’t sit around and wait for it to happen. You need to take the initiative by talking to strangers!

Lose Your Security Net

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult. Don’t worry, networking isn’t like tightrope walking. You won’t die if you make a mistake. But you can advance your career by taking that step and introducing yourself to new people. Before you know it, you’ll have grown a more extensive network of connections. New relationships create new ideas and experiences. Those same relationships will lead to doors of opportunity to open for you.

But why do it at all? Studies show that only 20-50% of job openings within a company are posted online, and 80% of jobs are being held back for personal referrals or promotions. That leaves maximum opportunity for those who build and develop their network. The numbers speak for themselves.

The Right Person Will Want to Know More About You

The best thing for your career is exposure in your industry. The only way you’ll get it is by putting yourself out there. Remember, ONE response has more value than ten ignored ones. That’s ONE person who you now have the chance to amaze with your brilliant personality while the other ten are losing out. You won’t even notice those who didn’t respond because you’ll be too busy celebrating those who did!

Once you start networking, it’ll get easier to continue making connections. Pretty soon, it’ll be your name that’s brought up to talk about how successful you are in the new field, helping expand your network and career opportunities even further! You want people to know who you are and that you’re the perfect person for the job. Networking will help you achieve that.

My Journal

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