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Week 7 : How to Lead Your Meeting

Why Knowing What To Say Will Lead You To Success

Video Time: 6:17 Minutes     Action Time: 20 Minutes 

Super Steps : Leading a Meeting With Confidence


Choose your preferred video conferencing app.

You can host your meeting on many platforms, like Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and beyond. Decide which one will be easiest for you and your connection. Likely, the team you are targeting has a video conferencing platform they are familiar with, so ask them what platform that is. Using a platform your connection is comfortable with will make for a smoother meeting. They have an account already, so you can ask for their ID beforehand and add them to your contacts!


Dress for your success.

We recommend that you don’t wear a suit and tie but you do dress professionally. Whatever happens, don’t go in with messy hair and pajamas. That is a NO! You want to make a good first impression to set the tone of the meeting. Make sure you look presentable and you will be on track.


Make sure your equipment is good to go.

Meetings in person can be challenging, but remote meetings aren’t a piece of cake either. Technology can fail at the most critical moment. Picture it, you’re mid-sentence of an important point, and suddenly your battery dies. Always stay one step ahead for any likely scenario. Check your Wi-Fi connection, speakers, mic, and webcam positioning and quality. And don’t forget, despite all your best efforts, unexpected stuff still happens. If your dad walks by shirtless in the background, don’t throw a fit in front of the camera! Stay calm and grounded. Put your best foot forward, no matter what.


Be sure to use a pleasant background.

Asking these existential questions can help you understand yourself on a deeper level. Not only will you be able to find the root of your problems, but you’ll also understand what makes you happy. If you get stuck, move on to the next question and leave it blank. You can always come back to it later. Don’t let one question stop you from progressing.


Set up in a quiet place.

Your virtual background looks great. Now, let’s make sure the sound is also optimal. While in a meeting, you don’t want to listen to children squealing or gaming roommates yelling. The person who agreed to meet with you doesn’t deserve to have their eardrums assaulted. Find yourself a quiet room and keep the door closed. Send your kids out to play. Talk to your housemates before the meeting and explain why this meeting is essential to you. It’s also an excellent idea to post a reminder. Hang a sign on your door saying, “Do Not Disturb: Job Opportunity in Session!”


Do not ask for a job!

0702-Step 6
Please, please do not do this! We understand that times are uncertain but asking for a job may be perceived as desperate. You may wonder where your next paycheck will come from, however, don’t let that ruin your relationship. Think about it, you wouldn’t say yes if a stranger asked you to marry them, would you? This meeting is a learning opportunity, not an interview. Learn about the person you’re meeting, have a pleasant conversation, ask about the company’s culture, and their role in the company. Developing the relationship should be your goal.
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Create a dialogue between you and your connection.

Your meeting is not a college lecture or a seminar. You are not there to nod and take notes while they talk. This meeting should be a conversation, so speak up and ask questions too. Make the conversation light and friendly. Consider reading their LinkedIn profile beforehand. It’s also good to check out the employer’s website and social media. It will help you come up with some good questions and conversation starters. Ask them about their career achievements, hobbies, or interests. If you can see their background and spot a family photo or a beautiful painting, compliment them on that. Prepare your questions and conversation ahead of time to avoid hitting a roadblock.

Hot Tips!

Hot Tip # 1
The most basic commonality can bound you like nothing else. An example is complaining about the weather if you both reside in a place that has extreme hot or cold weather. Another example would be if you both watched the playoffs last weekend and you can share your highlights with one another.

First Impressions Matter

You can’t control other people, but you can control how you present yourself. Nothing beats a good first impression. Bad impressions are almost impossible to undo. The person in front of you could one day be your boss, coworker, investor, or client. Give them a sneak preview of what it would be like to work with you professionally.

Dos and Donts


Prepare for every circumstance. You never know what will happen, so always have plans A, B, and C!


Don’t Ask for a job. Not only does this make you look desperate and it lowers your chances of getting a job in the future.