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Week 9: Interview Afterglow

Why Action After Interview is Critical

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Video Time: 6 Minutes           Action Time: 5 – 10 Minutes

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Our topic is “Why Action After Interviews is so Critical?”


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Why is Action Critical After the Interview?

While patience may be a virtue, it still sucks waiting for that job offer. That time period after the job interview to the callback will be the closest you’ll feel to eternity.


Post-Interview anxiety is a real thing. Not hearing back from a company may make you doubt yourself. You may wonder if you did something wrong or if they found someone more qualified for the position. That’s why you must keep focused. Stay motivated by anticipating a positive outcome! Take your mind off things if you can so you don’t become discouraged.

You want to make a lasting impression after the interview. So make sure you’re portraying yourself correctly to the hiring manager or interviewer. Remember, making a good first impression is crucial!

Make a Lasting Impression

There’s a lot to think about during your job search. You need to be serious with every step. What you do after an interview shows hiring managers that you are thoughtful, grateful, and have great follow-up skills. You want to come across as somebody who really wants the job!

Instead of waiting by the phone, get these things done in the next 2 episodes so you can stand out from your competition! Our next episode is all about “How to Follow Up After the Interview”, see you there!