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Week 9: Interview Afterglow

How to Follow Up After the Interview

Video Time: 8 Minutes           Action Time: 30 Minutes – 2 Hours

How to Follow-Up After the Interview


 Map out your Interview Afterglow Strategy.

Here is a step-by-step strategy to help you effectively follow-up after a job interview. In this strategy, you will use the knowledge you gained from the questions you asked during the interviews.


Respect the timeline the interviewer gave you relating to when a decision would be reached, or when they would contact you.

You want to show them you want the job (FUNNY- “but you don’t want them to feel like they have to take out a restraining order against you!”).

3 Don’t constantly email, call, or visit the interviewers everyday leading up to decision day.

That’s called stalking! And nobody likes that. Basically, don’t harass them.

What to include in your thank you card

Start the card by addressing your interviewer by name.


Thank you, obviously! Thank the person for their time and interest.


Reiterate your interest in the company and position.


Use this platform to address any mistakes you think you made during the actual interview.


Hammer home any ideas/traits about yourself that you want to remind them of.

4Keep your name fresh in the recruiter/employer/receptionist’s mind as decision day gets closer, we are going to tell you how to do that by sending them a thank you note.

5Time your follow-up visits, phone calls, or e-mails so that your name is fresh in their minds when they are making their decision, especially if your interview is earlier in the process.

Find a thank you card that is clever, connected to the company, and memorable. Here’s an example: If you interviewed at Starbucks, you can send a card with a coffee cup on it, or better yet, a card with a Starbucks cup on it. If you are artistic, you can make your own card! Grab a logo and create a personalized message, or ask a crafty graphic designer friend to help you.

For the Starbucks example follow this format, the COVER = Thank You Starbucks!


INSIDE the card can say = Thank you (name of the person who interviewed you)! I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me and sharing your insight on the (name of the job) position.


As we discussed, (insert anything you want to solve, add, remove objections, etc.)

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you on (insert anticipated day of the offer). (Your name)

A carefully hand-printed card is very special indeed! This shows genuine appreciation for their time and interest! But remember, penmanship matters here! No chicken scratch. You actually want them to be able to read what you wrote)*

If you aren’t artistic, get a card that speaks to the company. For example, don’t use a card with a flowery script unless you are interviewing for a “flowery script” kind of company. The card should mirror the characteristics of the company, reflect the personality of the company, or represent something positive the company will remember about you. The important part is to show them that you understand the company culture and you put some time and effort into choosing your card. In the card, thank them for their time, express your interest, mention things that need to be hammered home, and use this as an opportunity to cover any mistakes that were made during your interview.

Timing when to send your card is also important. Make sure it reaches the interviewer before the decision is made, while not being so pushy that the card arrives too close to your interview. For example, if they are making a decision on Friday, and your interview was on Monday, send the card so it is delivered on Thursday.

When to deliver the thank you card:

If your interview is on Thursday and they are making a decision on Friday, either have a card ready or get one that day. Then, go back to give it to the receptionist to hand-deliver to the person/people who interviewed you. Ask politely! “Hey, Karen! Bet you didn’t think you’d see me this fast! (LOL!) I was wondering if you could hand deliver this to (insert name of the person you interviewed with) so (he, she) gets it before they make a decision on who to hire.” (get the commitment of “Yes!”) or “so (he/she) gets it today so they know how much I appreciate their interest in me! Hopefully, I’ll see you again very soon (Smile/Laugh)”