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Week 9: Interview Afterglow

Prepare and Take Care of Your References

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Video Time: 8 Minutes           Action Time: Around 1 Hour


Determine who your best references would be.

Some examples of potential references include: former employers, people you worked with in the past, advisors, or supervisors. Just make sure you have a good relationship with the people you choose. It goes without saying that of you had a bad experience with a former co-worker, than maybe, they wouldn’t make the best reference to get you a job.

2 Ask them to be your reference. Call them or meet them in person to ask for their permission to be used as a reference. Always ask and remember to be appreciative! Set-up a lunch date or go somewhere to get a cup of coffee. What better way for someone to think you’re cool then by buying them lunch?


Let them know what is going on in your job search.

Let them know what’s going on with your job search: where you’re at in the job search, what positions you’re applying for, the process, and what you’re lined up for. They should be excited for you and encouraging! If they aren’t, don’t use them as references! And cut them off from your life, immediately! You deserve better than their negative energy!


Come up with three strengths for them to use during the call that pertains to the job and one weakness that can be made into a strength. For example, when using someone as your reference, say to them “(insert name), the 3 strengths I’d like for you to talk about are problem-solving, communication, and understanding the big picture. If they ask for a weakness, please mention that I’m super creative/artistic and will not do well in a conservative/traditional environment.” (In other words, the US Bank of America would probably not be your dream job.)


Ask them to be your personal private eye.

Ask them to let you know if they say anything abut you so that you can use that information to land the job.


Have an attitude of gratitude!

Thank them again! They’re YOUR salesperson, private eye, your insider reporter and are selling your skills. Especially if they do a great job and help you get the job, send them a THANK YOU! Flowers, or a gift card, or a thank you card, and a testimonial, recommendation, and endorsement in their LinkedIn. You can also brag about them on your other frequently used social media sites about what a great friend, mentor, or supporter that they were for you and then tag them so they see your kind words. Remember they are talking time out of their busy schedule to help you, so the next time you go to post that selfie take a few minutes to thank someone who has helped you out on your career journey.

Want to make sure your references are giving you good reviews to those employers? Showing your gratitude is how you make sure that happens.


That’s the end of our Week 09 – see you next week for “Negotiating and Managing Multiple Offer Letters”. Have a Super Day!