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Week 5: Targeting Where You Want to Work

Why You Need to Target Where You Want to Work

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Targeting companies can help you determine if they’re a good fit for your goals and experience. When you target companies, you’ll discover information about their current projects, future goals, and company culture.

2  When you target a company, you can find and connect with some of theirs current employees. Connecting with their employees helps you learn about the company and gives you a tremendous advantage over other candidates. If you make connections at a company you can learn extensive information by the time you apply. You’ll easily be able to offer examples of why you’d be a great fit for them during an interview.
3 You’re wasting valuable time and energy filling out online job applications. For one, most job openings aren’t even posted online. Then, there are hundreds or even thousands of applicants applying for the same jobs online. Worst of all, a company may have no intention of using that online job posting to actually hire someone. Posting it may simply be a formality.
4 When you target companies, you’re creating opportunities for yourself instead of relying on job boards. Additionally, targeting companies can help you avoid ending up at a company that isn’t a right for you. After all, if you learn a company isn’t a good fit for you, then what’s the point of spending your time and energy to pursue that opportunity?