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Week 5: Targeting Where You Want to Work

How to Target Companies You Actually Want to Work For

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Video Time: 15 Minutes       Action Time: 30 Minutes – 3 Hours

Video Time: 15 Minutes       

Action Time: 30 Minutes – 3 Hours

Where to find information about them:


Research companies that you’re interested in by looking at their websites. Most companies have an about section that discusses their history, goals, and has their missions and/or visionstatements.

2 Use websites like Indeed and Glassdoor to look up company reviews.

Use Google to search for news about companies.

Larger companies may have Wikipedia pages that will give you general company history and statistics on the company.


Use LinkedIn to find current employees and see what they are saying about their company!


Find the companies that want what you have! Use resources like Google and LinkedIn to find employers who want to hire MilSpouses specifically.