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Week 9: MilSpouses: Interviewing Afterglow

Show Your Appreciation in a Memorable Way

Video Time: 15 Minutes     Action Time: 20 Minutes

Video Time: 15 Minutes   

Action Time: 20 Minutes

Always show your gratitude in the form of a thank-you card. When going for a virtual position you will be sending an e-mail thank-you card, but it’s also a recommended that you send a physical card as well. Why? Well, how many people send physical cards for virtual positions? If you want to stand out and be unique, showing your gratitude in this way will help you do it.

  • Find a card that relates to the company you are applying for or your career field.
  • Use a memorable, funny, or relatable card based on the job, company, and/or employer. 
  • If you are artistic and have solid penmanship, create your own card. This is also a good idea if you need to showcase your abilities or skills in creative design.
  • Hand-write your card. Hand-written cards show authenticity and genuine gratitude.

What to Include in Your Thank-You Card:


  • Thank you, obviously! Thank the person for their time and interest.
  • Reiterate your interest in the company and position.
  • Use this platform to address any mistakes you think you made during the actual interview.
  • Hammer home any ideas/traits about yourself that you want to remind them of.

When to Send Your Thank-You Card:


  • As mentioned in the “Follow-Up” section, you want to make sure the thank-you card(s) arrives within 24 hours before the decision is madeIf the decision is going to be made on Friday, send the card(s) so that it arrives on Thursday.
  • If the decision is going to be made the day of the interview, consider hand delivering the card(s) to the receptionist/employer/hiring manager the same day.
  • If time is a major issue, consider utilizing an E-Card service online via E-mail.

When sending thank-you cards, include each person you met with during the interview process, including the receptionist.

How to Write the Perfect Post-Interview Thank You Note