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Week 2: Be the Popular Kid!

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How to Be the Popular Kid

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Video Time: 11 Minutes     Action Time: 10 Minutes

Accountability Sidekick!

This week is all about being the popular kid on LinkedIn!

Did you do your action from last week? If you created your headline or added a cool cover photo, take a screenshot of it and share it on the LinkedIn Membership Community!

We will chime in with our feedback and cheers!


Everyone in our Community wants to help you, and who knows? You might attract someone for a new opportunity!

We Understand. We've Been There! You're Not Alone.

Some people will have their own issues, biases, and preconceived notions about you-but that doesn’t mean that it is really and truly about YOU! Many of these people have never met any trans or gender non-conforming folks before, or don’t truly understand what it means to be a part of the group…and therefore, have no idea what the heck they are talking about! So don’t make their problem your problem! Capiche? You are beautiful and nothing they say can change that.

People will say whatever they are going to say about you, behind your back or in front of your face. Don’t let their insecurities, anger, angst, or anything else take away your determination or chances for success. You are the master of your career!

Why Your Summary Must Shazam and Spark HR and Hiring Manager Attraction!

Once upon a time, your LinkedIn summary sparkled and shazamed! Can you imagine? An HR Manager comes to see what you are all about and in the blink of an eye, they’re more charmed than Alyssa Milano and want to worship you like a god.

But before they perform a ritual sacrifice in your honor, you need to have a LinkedIn summary worthy of the goat that will die for it. Your summary should be the most interesting part of your profile. It should tell who you are both professionally and personally. Let the HR and Hiring Managers get to know you as an individual and help them understand what you can bring to the table. Establishing your persona is important to your summary because it shows off your personal brand.

Your Summary and Search Ranking

Another important aspect of the summary is that it increases your search ranking. Sounds like a good thing, right? Well, it is! LinkedIn is set up like a search engine similar to Google or Bing (though, who uses Bing, really?) Think of it like this. You get hungry in your home town and feel like a big slice of pizza, so you go to Google and type in, “Pizza in Stars Hollow,” and voila! You see a whole long list of pizzas in your home town. Which ones do you think get clicked on the most? The first pizza on the first page of course! The goal is to get your LinkedIn profile to be that “first pizza” on your employers LinkedIn when they start searching for a big delicious employee to satisfy their craving for talent (kidding, of course, you won’t get eaten).*

*Super Purposes™ cannot guarantee a lack of cannibalism in the workplace. Life gets weird sometimes. C’est la vie!

Check out the next episode on “How to Write Your Summary” using your personal brand and other keywords!