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Week 8: Charming Your Audience

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Charming Your Audience is Just Another Way of Interviewing

 Video Time: 5 Minutes           Action Time:10 Minutes

Accountability Sidekick!

Have you had any first dates?  What happened?  Were you able to leverage those conversations and turn them into interviews?  Are you getting there?  Making progress? 

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Frustrations and Apprehensions About Interviews

Everyone has challenges when it comes to interviewing.

So, take that anxiety and turn it into something tangible.

No, don’t download another meditation app. Write down a list of all your accomplishments. Everything you’ve ever done in your career, in your personal life, anything from accepting yourself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to finally being able to fit into those skinny jeans despite living within walking distance of a McDonalds. Work of all types, both literal and emotional, that has brought you to where you are today.

Now, your list may fit on a post-it note or it may be covering your living room wall.

Remember, as in life, size isn’t everything. Take that list and go through each accomplishment, writing down the skills it took to get you there.

Having a conversation over zoom

In doing so, you’re actually mining your experiences for tangible skills you can bring up and market to employers. By making this gold out of nothing, you’re rounding out your resume and drafting talking points that will make employers feel as good about you as you did after seeing your butt in that denim.


Side note: don’t wait until you’re asked a question to speak. That’s a terrible idea for an interview as it can lead to awkward pauses.


Instead, open up more! You want the interview to be a wonderful conversation. They can’t turn you down if they’re too busy laughing (and if they do, they do it with a smile).

Wingardium LevioSAH! It's Levi-OH-sa, not Levio-SAH...

Grab your wands and ready your wrists, because it’s time to charm your interviewer.

By casting your spell, you give the hiring manager little nuggets of information that they can then suckle on, savor, and be hit with intense cravings for at two o’clock in the morning. You’re helping them learn more about you, and in the process, see how your skills and personality align with the needs and culture of the target company.

Build a connection with the interviewer.

 Often, this is your hiring manager’s first impression of you. They may be wondering if you’re the best fit for the company. Show them you’d mesh well by bringing up your matching suits, you both drive a Kia Sorento, that your social security numbers are both 9 numbers long (weird!).

You want to stand out from the competition. It’s how you get the job you want! It’s a gateway to an amazing career!

Check out the next episode on How to Prepare. See you there!