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Week 9: Interview Afterglow

How to Follow Up After the Interview

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Mapping Your Interview Afterglow Strategy


Respect the Interviewer’s timetable

Most likely during the interview, your interviewer will let you know when they will be getting back to you with their decision. Respect that decision by not constantly bombarding them with emails and calls. Don’t be a stalker! We understand that you are excited and anxious to hear back about the job. But if you are TOO eager it will leave a bad impression on the hiring manager.


Select a thank you card.

You should choose a thank you card that reflects the type of company, the personality of the company, or something that they will remember about you.


For example, if you just interviewed at Starbucks, try to find a card with a coffee mug on it! If you interviewed at PetSmart, find a card with a puppy on it. If you interviewed with a plumbing company, find a card with a plunger on it! This will show them that you put thought into your thank you card.


Write the thank you card.

A handwritten card is a perfect way to show that you truly care. With that being said, remember that penmanship matters!


Deliver the Card.

The timing of when you deliver the card or when the card arrives is very important. Make sure it reaches the interviewer before the job decision is made. Otherwise, it is useless.


1. Start the card by addressing your interviewer by name.

2. Thank you, obviously! Thank the person for their time and interest.
3. Reiterate your interest in the company and position.
4. Use this platform to address any mistakes you think you made during the actual interview.
5. Hammer home any ideas/traits about yourself that you want to remind them of.


If your interview was Monday and they are making the decision on Friday then you want the card to be delivered on Thursday. If your interview was Thursday and they are making the decision the next day then get the card, go back into the office, and kindly ask the receptionist to hand deliver the card to the correct individual.


This ensures that you will be fresh in the interviewer’s mind right before they make the big decision! This is crucial.