Your Progress

Week 9: Interview Afterglow

Prepare and Take Care of Your References

 Video Time: 9 Minutes           Action Time: 30 minutes – 2 hours


Determine who your best references would be.

With whom have you made a good impression? Who would get along with the interviewer and be able to get the point across to them about you that you want them to make? Consider different angles to ultimately decide who you choose as your reference.


Let them know what is going on in your job search.

Are you in the third round of interviews or the beginning? Let them know the position you are interviewing for, the company name, and the name of the person that is interviewing you.


If you asked the throwback question like we suggested you will know the three characteristics that the company you are interviewing at is looking for. Ask your reference to focus on these strengths and also give them a weakness they can use if asked. Make sure you spin this weakness into a strength for the specific company you are interviewing with. Give this information to your references in verbal and written forms so your references can pull it up when they are speaking as a reference for you.


Ask them to be your reference.

Call them and if at all possible ask to meet with them in person to ask if you can use them as your reference.


Ask them to be your personal private eye.

Ask them to let you know if they say anything abut you so that you can use that information to land the job.


Have an attitude of gratitude!

Especially if this person helps you get the job, try to go above and beyond in thanking them! Maybe send them flowers, a gift card, or give them a shout out on your most frequently used social media account. This demonstrates how extraordinary you really are!


Want to make sure your references are giving you good reviews to those employers? Showing your gratitude is how you make sure that happens.